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A. P2BXA/P2LXA high-performance with high-end audio ATX mainboard

P2BXA or P2LXA are Dual Pentium II 440BX(also support Pentium III) or 440LX with high-end audio ATX mainboards supporting AGP graphics, wavetable and DirectSound3D sound.  Two Slot 1 support single or dual Pentium II 233~450MHz, and also 450MHz~1GHz Pentium III(up to 333MHz Pentium II or 400MHz Celeron*[Slot 1 version] for P2LXA) MMX CPU with built-in 512KB(128KB for Celeron) secondary cache memory.  Four DIMM sockets support either up to 512 MB SDRAM or 1GB EDO(66MHz bus only) memory(P2BXA also supports up to 1GB registered SDRAM).  Crystal Semiconductor CS4236B multimedia codec + CS4610 PCI audio DSP chipsets support high quality true-stereo microphone, line-in, line-out/speaker codec maintaining studio-quality audio recording and playback level and also DirectSound3D, wavetable synthesizer sound, which are the best audio features in computer.

SMC 37C935FR supports all IR protocol include IrDA, HP-SIR, ASK-IR, Fast IR(4Mbps IrDA) and also consumer IR.

Bundled Intel LANDesk Client Manager for easy monitor and manage current status and inventory of hardware and software components. And bundled the latest and full version of Voyetra Technologies Digital Orchestrator Pro advanced MIDI/digital audio recording/editing/processing/playback tool and popular AudioStation 2 MIDI/digital audio recorder/player/basic editor & processor and CD player software.  And also bundled BeYoung Technology MPC Smart Guide multimedia tutor and testing softwares and 3D Exploration Kit 3D graphics tutor and testing software.

Advanced power management, with multi-level suspend/resume, 4-sec power-softoff, Windows 95/98 softoff, AMD magic-packet LAN wakeup and power interrupt recovery feature.

Standard ATX form factor supports good thermal environment, complete power control/management functions and easy-access backpanel connectors.

*Celeron not supports dual-processor capability, not recommending for P2LXA or P2BXA high-performance mainboard.


PIC00004.jpg (308674 bytes)


Dual Pentium II 440BX with high-end audio ATX mainboard


P2LXA.jpg (648285 bytes)




Dual Pentium II  440LX with high-end audio ATX mainboard